Wix Review



Wix is a powerful & affordable website builder. It is probably the simplest and most comprehensive solution for customers that want a fully functional website.

As a landing page builder it does the job but it may frustrate you ploughing through their million options for customization as you try to quickly deploy a new campaign.

We highly recommend Wix if you are on a tight budget and willing to put in the time and effort to navigate their incredibly large application.



Wix has an incredible array of templates for just about every possible business or personal requirement.

They also have an AI tool that generates a website design for you based on your preferences.


After a simple sign up form you are offered two options.

Selecting Wix Editor takes you on a very comprehensive tour of the product to allow you to build your own site.

If you choose to use Wix ADI. The sign up process is extended by questions which allow them to generate a website for you.

Onboarding is one of Wix’s strong points.


Mobile is supported out of the box. A beautiful mobile editor is available at the click of a button allowing you to make your website look amazing on any device.

Wix ADI generates a mobile site for you automatically. All templates have a mobile version as well.

Drag and drop

Wix Editor boasts a simple drag & drop feature at the core of their product. This makes it incredible easy to create pages on the fly without needing any coding knowledge.


Wix has an App Store with a range of applications allowing you to integrate to almost any other service or extend functionality on your website.


Publishing your website is simple. Wix allows you to buy a domain directly from them, and some pricing plans give you one for free.

Alternatively you can use your pre-existing domain name. They provide easy to understand instructions to accomplish this.

Customer Support

Wix relies heavily on their documentation for support. It’s the primary destination they direct their customers to when you try to find help. The documentation is fairly comprehensive for this reason.

They do provide a call centre and a live chat option for you if you get stuck. This type of support is operates Monday through Thursday from 6am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time.


Wix is one of the most affordable website builders. All of their plans is incredible great value for money.

Plan Monthly Term Annual Term
 Connect Domain $7 per month $54  per year
 Combo $12 per month $102  per year
 Unlimited $16 per month $150  per year
 eCommerce $20 per month $198  per year
 VIP $30 per month $294  per year