Weebly Review



Weebly is an easy-to-use & incredibly user-friendly website builder packed with features. It’s Weebly has an app centre with dozens of applications to extend the functionality of your website.

Weebly is the perfect solution for non-technical users that are looking for a zero-fuss solution to building their new business website or eCommerce website.



A large number of professional themes are available for every business need. The themes are all beautiful and easy to edit.


Onboarding is dead simple. No long walk-through. The User interface has been designed to be intuitive enough for you to get started in no time.


It’s simple and intuitive to switch between desktop and mobile layouts. Changing the mobile website is as easy as the desktop website.

All of the changes made on the desktop layout is automatically added to mobile.

Drag and drop

Simple to use drag & drop editor allowing you to change the layout of your website and add new features with ease.


A full App Centre is available with dozens of integrations and feature enhancements for the main Weebly product.


You can publish your website directly to a domain fairly easily from within the application.

Customer Support

Weebly has an extensive knowledge base, a live chat system, e-mail and a phone number for support queries.

Weebly has support staff on duty from Monday to Friday from 6am to 6pm Pacific Time (9am to 9pm Eastern) and Saturday / Sunday from 8am to 5pm Pacific Time (11am to 8pm Eastern).


Weebly has number of plans at affordable rates packed with great value.

Plan Monthly Term Annual Term
 Starter $8 per month $96  per year
 Pro $12 per month $144  per year
 Business $25 per month $300  per year
 Performance $38 per month $456  per year